The best ocean physicists, chemists, biologists, engineers, computer scientists, data scientists, and acousticians all under the same roof; a cohesive team to solve the most challenging oceanographic problems.

Research in air-sea interactions, the microphysical properties of clouds, and weather forecast verification.

Research in marine mammal conservation, population dynamics, cumulative stressors, and the effects of pollution.

Understanding ocean currents, waves, and how to parameterize physical oceanographic variance in modeling applications.

The physics of how sound propagates in seawater. Acoustics is how we "see" the ocean.

Research related to environmental issues such as global warming, marine pollution, and ocean plastics.

We provide operational acoustics and physical oceanographic products to the Navy.


Our Projects

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Long Range Acoustic Propagation

Pictured is a long range transmission loss simulation, generated using an ultra-efficient acoustic propagation model.

Global Acoustics

Application of one of our models taking in to account bathymetry, climatological and physical oceanographic features, and 3D refractive effects.

Modeling Wind Noise

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Ocean Plastics and Pollution

We're developing new tools to quantify the spatial distribution and abundance of microplastics in the global ocean. 

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Quantum Information Systems

Passive Acoustic Sensing

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Source Localization

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Attenuation Tomography

Modeling Leeway Drift for Search and Rescue